Should Life Be a Fantasy?

A lot of peeps are into fantasy, whether it be a dream they have to pursue or some character from Harry Potter or Star Trek. And with the real world being as fucked up and scary as it is these days, who really wouldn’t want to stay in a fantasy world.

You may be saying, well it wouldn’t really be healthy to live like that but let me ask you something else, wouldn’t it be a happier and stress free life without our oppressive government and the ways they are attempting to take control of our lives through Obamacare and um let’s see, trying to take our guns away. (more…)

Calling All Fantasy Freaks

There’s nothing wrong with fantasy, except when it becomes totally obsessive.

For instance, there are thousands of people that are hard-core Harry Potter and World of Warcraft fans, but some are more obsessed than others and go as far to role play the characters in their daily lives, or spend their free time indulging in it in some other way. So yes, fantasy is one thing but obsession is another.

Both can label you as a freak in our society though.

But whatever.

On this blog, it’s okay to be a freak. (more…)